Sample Communication Plan

Wonder Gadget Contest: Communications Plan

July 24, 2014


Acme Company has a new product, Wonder Gadget®. A national advertising campaign has been launched, and the sales force has received training on the new product. Sales management would now like to keep the excitement going with their field personnel with a sales incentive program. The parameters of the contest have been decided. An attention-grabbing series of communications needs to be created and distributed to get the word out.

Goals and Key Messages


1. To alert the field sales force to the incentive program to sell Wonder Gadget

2. To generate enthusiasm within the sales force to sell the new product

3. To foster a little friendly competition between sales reps to make selling Wonder Gadget fun and exciting

Key Messages

The top five sales reps that sell the most Wonder Gadgets by the end of 4Q, will win a trip for two to the destination of your choice worth $10,000.

Target audiences: All levels of sales reps below management in all markets across the U.S.

Measures: The total number of Wonder Gadgets sold in 4Q.

Reviewers: Sales Vice President John Friendly, Product Manager Michelle Clever,  Corporate Attorney Roger Details

Project deadlines

Owner Deliverable First Draft Review To Design Second Draft Review Final Distribution
Sarah Timely Email blast 8/1 8/4 8/7 8/9 8/13
Sarah Timely Contest launch kit (tchokes with postcard explanation) 8/10 8/14 8/18 8/21 8/23
Jenny Journal Newsletter 8/10 8/15 8/20 8/23 Monthly, starting 8/26
Larry Layout Poster 8/1 8/4 8/7 8/9 8/12




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